I work with people of all ages, ranging from 7 – 97 years old. The majority of my clients are Senior Executives and adults in transition. As coaching is about the people, their growth and opportunities, there are no limitations to who I enjoy working with, which includes a portion of my time going toward pro bono projects each year.

What is A Green Balanced Life Coaching?

It’s working in partnership, discovering which values are current priority while learning to listen to your inner wisdom.  Most importantly, we want to make sure you are recognizing and applying your talents and gifts to what you are working towards for the greatest success and fulfillment possible.  Often we follow the path of others, when we have our own way to success that needs to be ignited. Quieting the voices that keep you down, and raising the volume on the ones that cheer you on and bring you joy and fulfillment and take you to the goals that are most important to you.  We work to clarify which values are priority and have you look at whether they are aligned with what you are doing.  Keeping you on track and supporting you to succeed is the fun part of my work.  Setting you free when you’ve gotten all the tools you need, that’s the exciting moment.

How it works

Either in person, or via skype: There is a simple 3 step process you will take to clarify and move toward your goals, dreams and visions. We work with what comes up, in the moment.  Your gut feeling/intuition, your values, the law of attraction, intentions, recycling old patterns to take on new positive shape and working with creating more awareness of self, others and the environment around is just part of what makes Balanced Life Coaching so inspiring to work with.

Areas of coaching

There are numerous areas which we can work on with Professional Life Coaching.  You and your values determine what factors are most important, in this moment, and together we decide what areas make the most sense to focus on, and move forward with, today.


It’s your determination, along with my encouragement and support and getting real with you, that moves you toward the benefits you desire.  A Professional coach keeps you moving forward.  I’ve composed a list of a few of the top benefits that Professional Life Coaching offers.

Which benefits most strongly call to you, as you read them? Sometimes, the ones that we have the strongest reaction (even, “no way!”), are the ones that most need attention.

Life Coaching

In Life coaching, we look more closely at your personal goals and dreams and alignment with your true values. We choose which areas of your life we’ll focus on according to what is truly on the table and where your energy will go according to what takes priority, in the moment.  You learn to work with your intuition/gut feeling and to pay attention to internal and external messages that lead the way.  Life is already sending you signals of what to do next.  Are you listening?

Business Coaching

Business coaching is similar to Life coaching, yet with a stronger focus on Conscious Business and career and the choices you’re making and the Triple Bottom Line.  It continues to take your whole life into account, while moving you forward toward your vision of your goals and success.

Is your work in harmonious relationship with the rest of your life and values?  What opportunities lie before you?

Team Coaching

Similar to business coaching, Team coaching is focused on the workplace and team, while keeping the individual’s challenges, growth and goals in mind, increasing awareness of self, others and the organization.  This work grows people and grows your business for better outcome and overall experience in the workplace keeping the triple bottom line in mind.  See testimonials.

Youth Life Coaching

Youth Life Coaching is similar to life coaching for adults, yet with added awareness according to age:).  Using my background in teaching and teen group facilitation and a variety of other sources from over the past 20 years find the connection with who I work with:).  Just like a sports/music coach, encouraging you when you need it, pushing you in the right moments, seeing where your strengths and more challenged areas are and reminding you of their existence and how they help you every day:).  I haven’t forgotten what it’s like. It can be tough out there!  And, it can be amazing.. especially as you grow stronger in knowing and being.. exactly who you are and seeing how that relates to the people around you and your happiness:)..


There are a number of different Coaching packages to suit your needs. We’ll choose or create the right package, according to what’s realistic with time  and schedule and how quickly you’d like to accomplish your goals:). Coaching packages listed are only some examples available.