Life Coaching

In Life coaching, we work together as equals.  We look closely at your personal goals and dreams. Whatever challenges might exist or appear to be in the way, we find effective strategies to create more positive patterns that support the direction you are moving in.

We choose which areas of your life we’ll focus on and where your energy will go. Life coaching focuses on keeping balance between the various areas of your life. We find which areas are calling for more attention, and focus on understanding what success means to you and if your true values are aligned with where the current focus is.

Life coaching looks at Fitness, Health, Relationships, Family, Career, Self Awareness, Spirit, use of Intuition/gut feeling, Creativity, and whatever else might be on your list. We work together to choose the direction of the work and how quickly you want to get where you’d like to go.

I’m here to keep you going, reassess goals as you go and positively encourage you along the way and give outside perspective as we things are re-shaped.