What is A Green Balanced Life Coaching?

My Professional Life Coaching is about working in partnership, keeping you focused on your goals, learning new things to apply when you are out in the world, using the wisdom you already have and supporting you to succeed.

With coaching, you actively create what you want for your life using your unique gifts and talents.

Each of us has everything we need within us.  Working with a Coach doesn’t mean that everything is wrong or needs to change.

It’s about seeing what’s been there all along, and learning to listen to your intuition/gut feeling to let it guide you to your true path.

What’s important?

Connection between values and goals = achievement and success and fulfillment. A new perspective helps you see the positive, the challenges and what your true direction will be as well as learning the tools to do it on your own.

The Truth

Your energy is the driving force for what you want from life. You are in control of how fast you want to achieve your goals.

When we work together, I am the one reminding you of what you are doing right and well; what you are achieving. I push you forward asking questions along the way.  When you get stuck or slow down, I make sure you keep moving toward what’s most important to you.

Call to action

What area of your life need more energy to create balance and get you to where you are meant to go?

Are you open, willing and committed to greater fulfillment?

Then, it’s time to start coaching.