Youth Life Coaching

Youth Life Coaching

Youth Life Coaching is similar to life coaching for adults, yet with some added awareness according to age:).  This isn’t therapy, this is what you might want.. action oriented, kind hearted coaching:)  Let’s work with where you are getting stuck and see what will get you where you’d like to go, feeling the way you’d like to feel!.;)  Just like a sports coach, encouraging you when you need it, pushing you in the right moments, seeing where your strengths and more challenged areas are and reminding you of their existence and how they help you every day:).  It’s someone who is in your corner, not emotionally involved, yet caring very much about what happens to you and your successes:).  I haven’t forgotten what it’s like. It can be tough out there!  And, it can be amazing.. especially as you grow stronger in knowing and being.. exactly who you are :)..

My Background

The coaching style we use together goes according to the age and style of the child or young adult that I am working with.  I have a behavioral Science background and have always had beautiful relationships with children over my life.  Through teaching, group facilitation, training and personal life I have worked with kids and teens of all ages for over 3o years and professionally for over 20.

How it works

We have wisdom at every age.  It’s a matter of finding the clear way to it, keeping hold of it and trusting it;).  My experience is that young people know quite quickly that I am being authentic and real with them.  Trust comes naturally and we begin a process of working towards what will keep them smiling and happy on their path.  We look at trusting their feelings/intuition about things, conflict resolution, positive communication, organization, connecting to their values when making decisions, creative dreams and finding balance with all that they have on their plates with school, family, relationships and so on.

The next Steps

Meeting is key.  When there is chemistry, there is possibility:).  The next steps and location of time together would be decided according to the age and what’s inspiring the coaching;).  During nice weather, I prefer to have us outside:).  So, let’s do a free meet up for 20 -30 minutes and see how things evolve;).