Life Coach Ariel Green: Balancing the Unexpected

These days, more than ever before, there seem to be a lot of unexpected moments and situations coming up that are throwing people off Balance.

The past is the past

This is a time of great change and shift.  We often let the past have too much hold on us.  We repeat old patterns, keep old friends and do things as we always have.  Yet, what has worked in the past may no longer suit the current situation or life and the hardest reality is when it’s time to let go.

Letting go

Letting go is the name of the game, today.  Letting go of what haunts you from the past.  Letting go of what is weighing you down, that you’ve been procrastinating on and so draws your energy.  Letting go of friends and people in your circle that no longer feed you or make sense to the path that your on.   Perhaps, letting go of a job, a house a life that you thought you’d be in much longer, yet on some level maybe also didn’t make sense with your current direction.  Exhale.. and go with it..  Letting go means new opportunities.

New opportunities

At every corner, there is a new opportunity.  Are you paying attention?  Are you willing to let go of what is comfortable, to allow something in that will challenge you to grow into your fullest potential?  It is a risk you are willing to take for deeper fulfillment and happiness in what you do?  New opportunities ripple out throughout your whole life.  Take one opportunity in one area of your life and imagine with it might do on the other side of things.  Sometimes, this might mean big changes.. ride the wave.. and see what’s on the shore;)..

Ride the wave

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to ride the wave.  It might rise up higher than you are comfortable with, or move in a direction faster or slower than you’d hoped, but what lies at the end of that wave, is worth the continued fight for balance and ease on that board:).  Move through it, not around it and great things will come.

Moving through it

Often, we are tempted to avoid.  Avoid change. Avoid, the uncomfortable. Avoid the unknown.  Avoid emotions. Avoid new directions. But, what if you just went through it, instead of around it?  Dealing with all the discomfort, the intensity and whatever else might lay within.. is empowering..  You are strong, what’s stopping you?

You are strong

You are stronger than you think.  You can go through many things and survive and in fact thrive on the other side of it.  Take a moment and look back at your life. This is not the 1st time something unexpected has come your way.  What did you do then that really worked?  What would you like to add to the mix, this time?  And, if you don’t know. It doesn’t matter.  Just trust in you.. and you are good to go..

Trust in you

Trusting in ourselves is the most powerful gift we can give ourselves in any  situation.  Listen within.  Take still moments.  There is wisdom in silence.  Turn off the ipod, the tv, the computer.  And, listen and trust your own direction, even when it doesn’t make sense.  This is your gut feeling, your intuition talking to you and it knows more than your mind ever will.


We all have it.  Gut feeling; intuition.  Some listen more easily and talk about it all the time.  Others, are quieter about it, yet it follow it even more strongly, yet might use another name for it.  “Instinct”, “Gut feeling”, “Aha moment”, “Connected” and so on.  But, it’s there..for the taking..  And, when you start to listen, and you follow it..and realize how often it’s steering you right.. And, when you start to get the difference between “fear” and “intuition” talking.. you get really excited.. like someone just gave you a super power and suddenly, the Unexpected doesn’t seem to hard to keep in Balance.

Balancing the Unexpected

In the end, you have all you need to kee the Unexpected in check.  Leaving the Past in the past, and breaking forward allowing new patterns and people into your life.  Letting go of that which dosen’t serve you anymore. Allowing new opportunities to come your way by opening the doors and windows.  Riding the way right on through the hard things, knowing you are strong and have great intuition to guide you through.  All you have to do.. is “Trust in you”.:)

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