The Starting Place

WHOLE LIFE INTEGRATION is the key to full health. When your Past, Daily life, and Purpose are aligned and you are doing what you are meant to, Dis-ease is impossible and you have HEALTH and VITALITY.

Today, we start with birth.. and move forward from there..

Do you feel destined to be a Mid-Life Mother, yet not 100% sure about the best way forward?


Would you like my Free List of 1st 7 things you need to start for your successful natural Mid-Life Pregnancy? Yes? Super, let’s get you started!

When creativity, purpose, and health are aligned, miracles happen. My coaching centers around these 3 key elements building the life you feel good about, including getting Pregnant Midlife. Naturally.

I’m Ariel Green Andersson, Conscious Life and business coach and Mid-Life mom and my life revolves around getting you to a more energized, joyful and abundant life through Creative Action.. today, that is natural pregnancy.

Ariel Green Andersson

My experience with clients and my own health, abundance, and success, over the years, has made my focus clear. Mindfulness mixed with aligning true path with Natural pregnancy, work, and all aspects of your life.. is the only way to a vibrant daily life full of energy and continued growth, abundance and clarity..

I am deeply passionate about getting you back to full energy through the creating you are meant for; natural Midlife Pregnancy, while staying on your destined life path.

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