The Starting Place

WHOLE LIFE INTEGRATION is the key to full joy and health. When your Past, Daily life, work and Purpose are aligned and you’re doing what you’re meant to, Dis-ease is impossible and you have HEALTH, VITALITY and A FULFILLING LIFE.

Do you look forward to each Monday?

What would your best work/life reality look like?

Let’s take a look..START HERE.. right now.. with me.. write

Life and work can absolutely be something you look forward to, each day.

When Creativity, purpose, and health are aligned, everything shifts. Our coaching time together centers around these 3 key elements, building the life and work life you feel good about.

I’m Ariel Green Andersson, Conscious Life and business coach and Mid-Life mom, podcaster and Integrity keeper. My life revolves around getting you to a more energized, joyful and abundant life through Creative Action and being true to who you are in both life and your work.

Ariel Green Andersson

My experience with clients and my own health, abundance, and success, over the years, has made my focus clear. Mindfulness mixed with aligning true path with parenting, work, and all aspects of life.. is the only way to a vibrant daily life full of energy and continued growth, abundance and clarity..

“Let Mondays be fun days.. days for you.. days to feel expansive and bright and like the next beginning of a week full of exactly what you need to look forward to the following day, week, year.”

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