Ariel Green Balanced Life Coaching: Cha Cha Cha Changes

Cha cha cha Changes

Have you ever taken a close look at the lyrics to David Bowie’s Song “Changes”?

“Turn and face the strain..” and “Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.”

These are just some of the lyrics that popped into my mind this morning as I was thinking about the varying challenges that people face each day and also during the coaching process.


Whether it’s a little bit of change or a lot, I can guarantee you that there will be some  necessary movement along the road of life, perhaps through coaching.  Making a change is not an easy thing, yet as we move forward and find things that are out of alignment in our lives and work in regards to our true values, we begin to see that change is bound to be necessary, on some level.

Who you are

Who you are isn’t truly going to change.  And, in fact, that is very important to realize. Who you are is exactly who you are meant to be, in this moment.  You are a perfect mixing of all your experiences of past and present that has grown you into who you are today that allows you to be in this life. What does that mean in terms of coaching and life?  It’s a reminder, that we don’t want to get rid of who you are at the core.  Yet, some adjustments to how you relate to aspects of you and how you are in world could prove very helpful and all your experience of life to be more fulfilling.

Fine Tuning

I like to think of what we do as “fine tuning” you.. like an instrument.  There may need to be further adjustments down the road, and it doesn’t change that you are a guitar, or a piano or whatnot, yet we find the way to have the music come through with more grace and ease in such a way that fits who you are.  New positive patterns and habits will come, and in time feel more natural as they’re practiced and begin to flow with more ease:).

Patterns and habits

Old patterns and habits take time to shift or be replaced by ones that assist you rather than stand in your way. They say it takes over 3 weeks to truly begin to take on a new habit or to drop one.  We’ve let our minds run wild for a very long time and as you are taking the reins there will be some resistance.  “Turn and face the strain”.  Be prepared for it.  You may feel a fight in you that surprises you, that may be working against your ultimate destination/goals.  It’s natural.  We didn’t learn to walk over night, it was all the small movements on the way that prepared us slowly and built our strength and coordination to get us to our goal.


Each small stretch and movement is important on it’s own and needs to be celebrated for it’s achievement.  Where do we lose this realization..that each small step is important on the way to what we goalset for as the change we want to make?  How many times have you set your mind to something and put it on your to do list and not included all the small steps along the way?  And, if you did, then so rarely is each step celebrated with “yes! I did it! I made that call to see if the class was available!” or “cool! I signed up for the photography class, I’m so great!”  Sound silly?  We didn’t think so at age 3.  We are too busy going to fast, expecting to skip steps and get there now or yesterday, and when we don’t we’re disappointed..and when we do get there.. we are already looking for the “next thing” to achieve with little enjoyment of our little victories and big.

Take time for Celebrations

We celebrate many things in life with people, why not all the steps along the path of change?  Achieving.. is what we are often moving towards, these days..  Getting that degree, that training, that great job, partner or completion of a project or art piece.  When was the last time you celebrated you achievement?  Really let it soak in and let yourself radiate with good feeling?  Really?  So, do you celebrate the little things?  What if you did?  Do you think life might seem just a little bit more fulfilling?  Hmm, think about that for a moment.  Wouldn’t it be something.. to celebrate doing a 20k bike ride towards a fitness goal?  Or, remembering to turn off facebook and skype for the whole day so that you get more work done?  How would you celebrate?


When looking at celebration of achievements along your path, I think of rewards.  How do you reward yourself along the way for your hard work and efforts toward change and other movement?  Time alone?  A spa day?  Your favorite ice cream?  Or, a movie?  Many of us got rewards as kids for achievements, since when did becoming an adult mean that you no longer were allowed these things?  Are we so busy that we forget to take time out for this? Have you lost touch with what brings you joy and so wouldn’t be sure of what you’d like as a reward?  What do you like, enjoy? What brings you joy? Think about that.

Only you

Changes are a beautiful and magical thing.  As a coach I’ve experienced and watched the joy and struggle of making changes.  It takes determination, energy and will to make things happen.  A coach will be there, encourage you, remind you to pay attention and sometimes even crack the whip a bit, yet in the end only you can make things truly transform.  You are the powerful being that creates the change and I am the witness..the mirror you asked for from the start, reminding you ..of what is possible.

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