INDIVIDUAL COACHING    (Team Coaching, below)

“Ariel Green provides very productive career coaching and counseling services. Ms. Green is always ready and willing to help when coaching efforts are needed. She comes prepared and ready to take action to allow the individual she is working with to have clear direction and at times reassess their own goals, strengths, and weaknesses.

Having worked with a few coaches in the region, I would never hesitate to recommend or hire Ariel for coaching work with my team or myself. Her efforts are meaningful and useful and the direction she provides is impeccable.”

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Jason C. – Sales and Marketing Director

“Dear Ariel, it was my greatest pleasure taking the journey into my internal thoughts about work and life with you. It definitely showed me the direction I was looking for at this point in life. Thank you very much for that! “

Lenka DHL


Ariel’s work with my team has directly lead to better communication and job satisfaction for everyone, through increased self awareness and engagement both individually and as a team. Her insights have led the team to consider new techniques for working to deadlines, with the time we have saved and the redundant work we’ve avoided, while also helping to create a more positive and harmonious environment, I’m seeing better results on our bottom line. Her work is truly a great investment for the company.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Rachel Kanarowski – Editor in Chief- In Style Magazine

Wide variety Teambuilding and Team Development programs since 2008

Pwc-Annual Workshop for newly appointed CEE Directors: 2010 – 2012

I have worked with Ariel for the past few years on many projects, both as a trainer and coach, and have been very impressed with her ability to connect with people. She has a keen desire to ensure that everyone walks away happy and feeling they’ve learned something about themselves and others.

For example while working as a Trainer/Coach, as a team member that ran a series of developmental workshops for 90 pwc Directors from around CEE, Ariel had great success. She prepared thoroughly and delivered her material at the high quality level that the client expected, as well as pulling in the critics along the way, bringing them to a surprising point of self awareness and unexpected openness, by workshop‘s end.

Ariel has the quality of lifting up the atmostphere in a room with her positive and authentic style, whether leading a group, or working with her team. She has great rapport with her colleagues and clients, keeping aware of their needs, responding with understanding and flexibility while continuing forward toward goals and destination. Her empathetic nature shines through, as she has the confidence to work with strong personalities.

She is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to cooperate on many more successful projects.

Richard Lee – Director of Prague Adventures