About Me

My relationship to coaching

My Conscious Business and Life Coaching work is based on “what is”.  Taking who you are and what is happening now, and making it more fulfilling.  Working with intuition, conscious choices, awareness of self, others and environment around, we grow your gifts and all the greatness of you and what you have to offer to reach your value-based goals.

I am passionate about my work, life and the people I meet. I enjoy discovering the wealth of knowledge within each person, encouraging them further along on their journey of self=discovery and growth and being a part of their successes as they work toward Mind/Body/Spirit/Work Alignment, Balance and deeper Fulfillment.


My varied work, life experiences, education and intuition have given me the ability to connect with clients through understanding and clarity while working in a variety of areas.  Getting people to where they want to go, and sometimes, where they don’t expect to go,  expressing their fullest potential and being in life and work with integrity to themselves and their values, is my greatest passion.

Born and raised in Northern California in a multi-cultural household, I grew up with an open mind and an appreciation of other cultures and points of view.  I have been exploring European and other world culture differences and similarities within people of all ages and their relation to life/work and environment, for all of my life.

I am currently part of a world forum that includes people from 6 continents, working toward stronger Conscious Business and self awareness within local and world communities.  It’s powerful work with a dynamic group of people which I am honored to work with.

I have known very clearly, all of my life, that what is happening at work, home, in our relationships and within us, all play important roles that effect all areas of our lives. Therefore keeping them all in balance, energized and thriving is crucial for life and work and relationship to self and others that truly brings us that which we deserve:).  I have traveled and lived in various parts of the world and continue to explore, learning and looking more deeply into how to apply this to the moment with self and others and the environment around.

My past and present contains both Corporate and Non-Profit worlds. I have an extensive background which includes: Coaching, Management, Sales, HR, Group Facilitation, Training & Development, MBTI, Project Management, Stress Management, Alternative Health Care and Practices, Reiki, Massage, Teaching children and adults, Mediation, meditation, and more.

I studied Behavioral Science and will continue learning and growing for all of my life.

How Coaching chose me

Years ago, I was a successful general manager (top of my company of 360 GMs and youngest GM at age 19), working with fantastic teams and getting the recognition I thought I wanted and needed.  Ambitious?  Yes, indeed!  One day, I woke up and realized I wanted more, needed more; wasn’t fully fulfilled.

Even with getting merit raises and recognition for outstanding work consistently, I was tired of being exhausted and busy.   I wanted time for the things that were important to me, outside of work, like family and friends and my own dreams.  I felt overwhelmed and dissatisfied, but I continued forward.  One day, there were riots outside of my office.  I called corporate and told them I wanted to send my people home to safety and I was told I was not allowed to close my doors of business.  Within minutes, I sent my staff home, and within a day I’d given my notice after years with the company and just months before my stock options were fully vested.  People, humanity and quality of life took priority.  So, I made a change.  I jumped right off the cliff, into the unknown.

Before leaving, I promised myself that someday I would come back to the corporate business world  (the village) and help others in similar circumstances to find balance and fulfillment while keeping true to their values.

Today, after a period of time in the alternative health and wellness industry, I’m back, working with amazing people.  It is with a renewed sense of understanding after working with Spirit, Intuition, a variety of meditation and wellness practices and all that I grew up with in Northern California that goes well beyond the surface and daily tasks, that I now approach my coaching:).  My clients range from the business world of senior executives, to hard working at home mom’s in transition, to students discovering who they are in the world in relation to those around.

It’s just as I’d imagined, and even better.  I’d not imagined the joy I’d feel working with not just the business world, yet the entire community from kids to elders.  What an honor to be reminding people of their gifts, talents and choices and moving them in the direction of Balance in Health, Work and Life, Creating greater Awareness of Self, Others and the Environment around.  It’s beautiful working with people, supporting them to make Conscious Choices in all that they do.  Professional Coaching is the best work of my life.