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Who wants conflict, especially at work?
Perhaps, you have a great team. Maybe you work hard to be respectful of one another.  Yet, moments happen to all of us when we might slip and be a bit hard or demanding of someone, or they of us, it’s human nature.  Yet, this is not a productive environment. And, unconscious behavior will not gain respect or end result that is ultimately desired. Sometimes, conflict situations are hard to handle and can ruin your whole day.

What do you want?

A positive environment to live and work in. To feel good in what you do. To look forward to going to work and doing what you’ve been working hard for.

So, what can you do?

In the moments, when you might feel frustrated in a situation with a team member, or perhaps in life in general.., here are a few thoughts to remember:

Important Factors for Positive and Effective Conflict Resolution:

1. Listen – Don’t interrupt. Don’t get defensive. Just hear them and reflect back what they’re saying so      they know you’ve actually heard them and care about what they say.
2. See Their Point of View – In a conflict, most of us would like to feel heard and understood.
3. Stay Focused – Try to leave the past out of this moment, though it may be tempting to do bring up history.
4. Respond to Criticism with Empathy – It’s important to listen for the other person’s pain and respond with empathy toward them and what they are feeling.
5. Take responsibility – Recognize that personal responsibility is a strength, not a weakness and take ownership of your part in the situation.
6. Take Time-Out – If heated time, take a break, go for a walk or take deep breaths. Wait until you both calm down.
7. Find Compromise – Look for solutions that meet everybody’s needs, instead of trying to ‘win’ the argument.
8. Use “I” Messages – It’s less accusatory, sparks less defensiveness, and helps the other person understand your  point of view rather than feeling that you are attacking them.
9. Don’t Give Up – Always come back to the discussion after a calming break.
10. Ask For Help If You Need It – Sometimes, getting someone not emotionally involved can be helpful.
Additional Tips:
*Remember that the goal of effective communication is that both sides have clarity and understanding.  It’s  not just about ‘winning’ the argument or always ‘being right’. It’s about finding a solution that both parties feel good about.
*These tips may not work every time. Yet finding a neutral place between you and taking the time to be face to face, can certainly help progress, if not solve issues of the moment.

*Remember, it’s important to be respectful of the other person, even if you don’t like what they are doing/saying.

..and remember, “take deep breaths to keep firm on your feet and clear in your head:)..”

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