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We make choices every day. What to wear. Who to speak to. What to do on our action lists.  Yet, how often do we let other’s acivities or words effect us into making decisions? Or, let our emotions or “reactions” push us into a direction that may not ultimately be where we want to go? Do we just go where we are pulled to?  Are we effecting our own experience of life?  Do we truly have a choice about how we feel at the end of the day? Is there more to the story?

Changing your mind

It’s not easy, when we’ve been doing things the same way for such a long time. Other people can have effect, if we let them. Yet, in the end, it’s about us.  Thought patterns that have been around since our early years in school.  Reactions, ingrained in us as if it’s the only way things can be because that’s how they’ve been for such a long time.  Yet, is it? Do we have no control over our own thoughts?  Or, the spin out that our mind can take us in? The reality our mind tells us we are in?  Each day as things come up, we have a choice of what to do with them.  When I am coaching clients and we discover one of these old habits, at 1st the positive voice with new words .. is mine..  Yet, over time, that voice in your head switches gears and starts finding new directions. It just takes persistance.  Below are some tools to play with:)

The words we choose

A great start is paying attention to our words.  What words are you using to express yourself?  How often do you hear yourself say, “oh! I’m such an idiot.”  Or, “there are no good men/women out there.” And, “there’s not enough time in the day”.  Our perception of reality and experience of reality is closely tied to how we are seeing it and talking about it. It may not seem like a serious thing, yet it makes a huge difference.  In Hawaii we always reminded people about one of  the local shamanic beliefs, “Makia” (ma-kee-a) ..which means “energy flows to where attention goes”.  Wow! That can go either way.. really positively or negatively.  So, power-full.  Think about that for a moment….

Exercise 1

Start today.  Day 1. Watch the words you speak (or think).  Then, how you feel after you’ve said them (thought them).  Do you feel expanded and open or energized?  Or, smaller, more closed or lower energy?  Even if you are a very pragmatic person, this experiment might seem a bit out there.   Yet, it’s not about what you believe or don’t believe in, it’s a fact.  Our thoughts literally effect our cells, our minds and how we experience life and feeling in it, is actually our choice. Imagine that.  You can choose your experiences, not just let “life happen to you”.  Is that overwhelming..or, exciting to hear?.

Exercise 2

Day 2. Start tomorrow with an idea, or intention, of what you’re day will be like.  It’s not a matter of reaching for the stars.  It’s about how you want to feel, today, or by the end of the day.  Do you want new things to come your way?   Are you actually open to them?  What if each day you consciously opened the door to these things, without trying to control what that looks like or what exactly those things will be?  Would you be willing to do it, leaping off a small hill into the unknown;)? This has many names:  Law of attraction, creative visualization, setting intention and so on.  One of the best tricks is to start by thinking about something that always gives you a good feeling from the inside out. Is it a place? A fuzzy puppy? Or? You decide. I call this “the Jump start thought”.  With this feeling happening, think of your intention for the day.. with that kind of juicy feeling already started:).  This takes practice, but it’s a lot of fun:).  See what happens!  I just experienced this with a big presentation I was terribly nervous about. I did the above, sent a text message around to everyone involved about my intention for the day, shifting away from my nervous thoughts and already felt lighter and more excited then nervous:).   When we were “post-presentation”, all of us sitting around smiling, relieved and relaxed and having cold drinks, one of my colleagues, smiled and said, “this is exactly what you wrote to us, today,  here we are.. in that picture you created..”.  I just smiled:).  Another beautiful success with choosing experience:).  And, witnessed!  Yes!

Exercise 3

Day 3.  Write it.  Buy a book, journal, something that you’d like to have on your nightstand.  In the morning, Write down the date, Your intentions or ideas for the day (keep it simple, short and clear) and then split the page into Challenges and Positives/Insights.  At the end of the day, or as you go, write down what comes.  What were the challenges, thoughts or moments that came up that made it more difficult to see that intention?  Positives/Insights, what wer there, what things did you notice that happened, you felt, or experienced?   Would it be interesting for you to look back and see how things have been evolving?   Would you be willing to try this for a whole week? Or, a month? Or, longer?  Start with a day or two and see if it’s interesting for you.  It’s like having a nightstand “coach light” .. checking in and seeing how things went and making a new goal for tomorrow..that night or the next day:)..


Time is one of  those things that plays tricks on us, in moments.  Sometimes, the day feels like it goes by so quickly that we barely take a breath and it’s over.  Other, times, usually when waiting for a tram or for someone we’re anxious to see, it seems it moves at the pace of molasses.. slow and sticky and seemingly endlessly.  Working with “choices”, working with moving thoughts in new directions takes time and focus and energy that sometimes doesn’t come consistently or quickly.  Yet, keep at it, and you’ll see unexpected things. Maybe in the slow, “waiting” moments, you can practice the “intentions” feeling “law of attraction” experiment and have some fun instead of stress as you are where you are;).

It’s all you:)

No one but you can shift things in your own mind.  People can and will challenge and remind you when you need it, and sometimes when you don’t;).  Yet, if you are determined, you have this incredible opportunity for many, many things to happen in your life.  In the process, confidence, trust in self, positive outlook, relaxation, excitement.. so much will begin to grow. You have so much within you.. that is just waiting for a chance to jump out and surprise you:).  Open the door:).


Choose another version of reality.  I have seen and experienced beautiful moments with this work.  I know the possibilities here..that can be applied in even the worst situations.  This is not just play time, this is your life.  What if it could look different?  What if your perception of what is happening right now could allow you to feel different in it?  Would it be worth some time to try it out?  Do you need support?  Family, friends, coach or a journal?  Making strong shifts within ourselves is a powerful experience and takes time, patience and acceptance of who we are and who we are meant to be;).  This is only the 1st step.. “choices” and being aware of thoughts and intentions.  There will be more to come.  Trust in you:).

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