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Creating, purpose and your health 0

What do you think of when you read the title? What is your true reaction? Feeling? Contraction? Opening? Excitement? Or? Today, everything, changed in my work, my ‘aha’.. my ‘that’s been it all along’. And, today, I am sharing it, with you. In my morning meditation, today, between napping and creating and re-charging to battle […]

Be who you are-Show who you are. 0

Do you show who you truly are to those around you? How often do we all really do this? How often do you? Do you walk through daily life as your full self? Are there some circles or people or co-workers you do this with and others where you do not? Do you let others see what you have to offer? Do you feel that some things shouldn’t be shown, aren’t interesting for your bosses, colleagues, friends or perspective companies you may want to work for or the partner you hope to attract or grow with?