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Northern California born Life and Conscious Life & Business Coach & Writer. Working in Europe and around the world live and via Skype. Background in Corporate and NGO Training, Coaching, GM, HR, Group Facilitation, mediation, sales and more;). Creating new possibilities through the current moment and challenges and visions at hand:).

Creating, purpose and your health 0

What do you think of when you read the title? What is your true reaction? Feeling? Contraction? Opening? Excitement? Or? Today, everything, changed in my work, my ‘aha’.. my ‘that’s been it all along’. And, today, I am sharing it, with you. In my morning meditation, today, between napping and creating and re-charging to battle […]

Be who you are-Show who you are. 0

Do you show who you truly are to those around you? How often do we all really do this? How often do you? Do you walk through daily life as your full self? Are there some circles or people or co-workers you do this with and others where you do not? Do you let others see what you have to offer? Do you feel that some things shouldn’t be shown, aren’t interesting for your bosses, colleagues, friends or perspective companies you may want to work for or the partner you hope to attract or grow with?

Ariel Green Professional Coach: Choices 0

We make choices every day. What to wear. Who to speak to. What to do on our action lists. Yet, how often do we let other’s acivities or words effect us into making decisions? Or, let our emotions or “reactions” push us into a direction that may not ultimately be where we want to go? Do we just go where we are pulled to? Or, do we truly have choices?

Life Coach Ariel Green: Balancing the Unexpected 0

These days, more than ever before, there seem to be a lot of unexpected moments and situations coming up that are throwing people off Balance. The past is the past This is a time of great change and shift.  We often let the past have too much hold on us.  We repeat old patterns, keep […]

Ariel Green Balanced Life Coaching: Cha Cha Cha Changes 0

Whether it’s a little bit of change or a lot, I can guarantee you that there will be some necessary movement along the road of life, perhaps through coaching. Making a change is not an easy thing, yet as we move forward and find things that are out of alignment in our lives and work in regards to our true values, we begin to see that change is bound to be necessary, on some level.

Ariel Green, Life Coach: Balanced Leadership-The Trickle Down Theory 0

A good leader, leads the way, by example, with energy, enthusiasm and integrity. “Do as I say, not as I do”, didn’t work when we were kids and certainly doesn’t work in the work place.

Ariel Green Balanced Life Coaching: “No Bullies please.”-Take action 0

Whether at school or in the office, bullies effect our well being and can’t be tolerated. Can we simply order up a better situation, just like that? Yes, “no bullies, please.”

Ariel A Green-Professional Life Coach – Conflict Resolution Tips 6

Who wants conflict, especially at work?
Perhaps, you have a great team. Maybe you work hard to be respectful of one another. Yet, moments happen to all of us when we might slip and be a bit hard or demanding of someone, or they of us, it’s human nature. Yet, this is not a productive environment.

Ariel Green Balanced Life Coaching: Top 9 Ways to De-Stress at Work 7

Break for Balance
There are those days when stopping seems nearly impossible because there is just too much to do.Yet, taking even a short pause along the way will not only improve your feeling, but increase productivity.