How Coaching Works

All Coaching sessions are done with Skype, telephone, or in person.

“Coaching is much more than taking something broken and fixing it.  It’s about taking what IS working and enhancing it and working with the challenges to move forward in a direction that grows you to fullest potential.  Sound good?”

Step 1- “Introduction”

We meet to check chemistry and your current situation and goals to be sure coaching is right for you, in this moment.

Good chemistry is important between us, for best results. You always want to be with the person who will best move you forward.

Step 2. 1st session: “Clarifying Direction”

In our first call/session we’ll look at:

*What’s important to you    *Your values and ideals   *Priorities and goals
*Obstacles and challenges    *Desired outcomes      *Level of commitment

Step 3. “The Journey”

We continue forward with sessions to achieve your goals.